Did Ashton Kutcher Bring Down Twitter?

by David on May 23, 2011

Try to load Twitter’s website. No luck? Nope, it’s down. What happened today that was out of the ordinary?

Twitter’s first CTO, Greg Pass, resigned today. I don’t think that he planted a daemon to bring down the site on news of his departure so we can rule that out.

The other big news is that Mr. AplusK himself, Ashton Kutcher, launched a desktop Twitter app called A.Plus. He is working with idealab backed startup UberSocial. I tried it out and it looks like a Kutcher-skinned version of UberSocial for Twitter. It is a great way for UberSocial to grab users.

While I was using it, it seemed to be making a lot of calls to Twitter. Everytime someone I follow tweeted, I got a little warning in the bottom right of my screen. I found it annoying so I turned it off. I’ve read some rave reviews (in tweets, of course) but I didn’t really like it. It was clunky. I found it difficult to scroll in the 3 different windows (more due to a lag in the speed of scrolling than anything else).

I doubt that enough of Ashton’s almost 10 million followers downloaded it and kept it open for long enough to bring down Twitter but you never know…

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