Google Can Do Everything… Almost

February 12, 2010

There is a lot of buzz lately about Google trying to do too much. I’ve read people comparing Google to Microsoft… and not in a good way. Google’s Mission I don’t care what Google says it’s mission is (especially since my personal experience with Larry Page showed him to be evil). Google’s mission is simple: […]

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It’s not a SuperPhone, it’s a PocketComputer

January 27, 2010

What electronics are you carrying in your pocket? I have an Android G1 and a dumb phone. I’m not sure what to call it. Then again, these days I’m not sure what to call an Android or iPhone. They used to be called smart phones. Then some marketing guy decided we should call them app […]

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Google Energy: It’s about the grid

January 10, 2010

Google is making it tough to keep up. There is so much innovation in so many areas that tech journalists have been complaining they can’t digest it all. As an entrepreneur I’m trying to see where there is opportunity to dive in and where there is a higher likelihood to get crushed (been there, done […]

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TimeWarner Cable vs. News Corp. vs. You

January 2, 2010

To start the New Year and ring in 2010, TimeWarner Cable and News Corp. settled their dispute and Fox’s cable channels continue to be carried on TWC to 14 million American TV viewers (including the author). Some questions Does TWC has a right to carry these channels or does News Corp have a right to […]

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The OS Battle is coming to your… kitchen?

December 15, 2009

Last month I wrote about Google’s Chrome OS and how it might give Windows a run for its monopolistic money. I received some criticism for such musings. It looks like Chrome OS is a cross between a souped-up Web browser and a watered-down OS. With the lack of a harddrive, users must rely on The […]

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Once a monopoly, always a monopoly?

December 12, 2009

Many people in technology hate the thought of government regulation. We do a better job policing ourselves than to have bureaucrats who don’t understand what we do regulate that which they don’t understand, not to mention if politicians start to make deals about completely unrelated issues to get it passed. This is the first of […]

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iPhone is a Hot Cheerleader / Android is a Nerd

December 7, 2009

Kara Swisher wrote about how she thought one of the latest Verizon Droid ads was bashing women and gays. Uh, no, not really. Maybe I’m the target. I love my G1 and would switch to Droid if it had a better thumbpad. I absolutely love the other Verizon ads. “There’s an app for that” and […]

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Does Google’s Chrome OS mark the end of Microsoft?

November 19, 2009

A lot is being written about next year’s Google’s Chrome OS bringing the end of Microsoft… and for good reason. Craigslist has revenue of $100 million. That’s amazing for such a small company. What’s more amazing is that Craigslist is pretty much all that is left of the $4 BILLION classifieds business. By giving most […]

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Poaching from DealTaker

November 12, 2009

DealTaker launched an interesting Twitter tool: @couponbot. If you reply (OK, it’s not really a reply but if you start a tweet with an @, it’s considered a reply) to @couponbot with a store name, you get up to 10 return tweets with links to pages on DealTaker that may have a coupon you are […]

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Community Intervention: finally gets the RT

November 6, 2009

One of the great things about Twitter is that the community doesn’t wait for Twitter Inc. to get it. The community creates the conventions it needs. For instance, the RT has been around for it seems all time in the Twittersphere. I recently criticized Twitter Inc. for not updating its site in ages and soon […]

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