Yahoo’s Paid Inclusion is being killed

October 15, 2009

I just received the call informing me that Yahoo has decided to kill Paid Inclusion (originally Inktomi) on December 31, 2009. This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has been watching Yahoo’s failure in search. With Microsoft taking over Yahoo’s search for the next 10 years (did Carol Bartz really sign that deal?!?), there was […]

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Twitter is Worth $2 billion (in 140 Words or less)

October 12, 2009

Last week I wrote that I think that Twitter is not worth the $1 billion valuation that it received last month in its latest round of funding. That analysis was based on the simple fundamental of top line revenue… and Twitter’s complete lack of it today and apparent lack of it any time in the […]

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The Death of the Sidekick

October 10, 2009

T-Mobile today announced that the Microsoft/Danger lost all personal data of Sidekick users that was stored on its servers. Ah, life in the storm cloud. I was a longtime Sidekick user. I migrated from the original Sidekick to the Sidekick 2 to the Sidekick 3 to the first Sidekick LX. When my LX was on […]

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Tweet Repeat & the Self Retweet

October 8, 2009

I’ve limited the number of people I follow on Twitter. I just passed 150 and it seems like too many. I’m sure it’s time to look at desktop apps or other websites to help me manage my Twitter reading but I usually read on my G1 with Twitdroid (agreed to be the best Android Twitter […]

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Twitter is a river… and the levees may burst

October 6, 2009

There have been myriad articles written recently about why Twitter is or is not worth the $1,000,000,000 valuation it just received in its latest round of funding (10% for $100,000,000 in case you missed it). [Note: As a Twitter neophyte I wrote about my first impressions upon tweeting and why I think you should try […]

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