Yahoo’s Paid Inclusion is being killed

by David on October 15, 2009

I just received the call informing me that Yahoo has decided to kill Paid Inclusion (originally Inktomi) on December 31, 2009. This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has been watching Yahoo’s failure in search. With Microsoft taking over Yahoo’s search for the next 10 years (did Carol Bartz really sign that deal?!?), there was no way that Paid Inclusion would continue. Microsoft was not going to integrate Yahoo’s PI results into its search results and there might not have been enough money to share to cover the development costs and all of the third parties who are involved in the Paid Inclusion ecosystem.

Farewell Paid Inclusion. It’s been fun (and profitable!)

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David November 5, 2009 at 9:30 pm

My son was looking at my blog and asked me about Yahoo killing Paid Inclusion. He asked me if Yahoo was selling it. I said “No”. Then he commented that it’s not like Yahoo to not sell it. I had to answer that it is just like the New Yahoo.

Then he said that he can’t believe that a search engine is selling it’s search engine. Of course, the truth is that Carol Bartz just gave it away. Sigh… my 11-year-old gets it. Maybe he can work for Yahoo next summer.


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